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Children’s Dentistry
in Longview, Washington

Take your child to a trusted and caring local dentist. Our dental professionals offer pediatric dentistry in Longview, Washington. Schedule your child’s next appointment today.

Children’s Dentistry in Longview, Washington

Every child deserves a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile. At Lower Columbia Oral Health, we provide gentle children’s dental care to families in our community. Whether your child needs preventive, restorative, or specialized dentistry services, our dentists are here to give them the care they need.

Dental Checkup:

Our dentists recommend taking your child to our Longview office every six months for a complete dental checkup. A member of our caring team will perform a full examination and professional cleaning. We will also take digital X-rays to assess your child’s oral dental health below the surface of the gumline.


In cases of severe damage or decay, a filling may not be enough to repair your child’s tooth. Our dentist may recommend dental crowns to fully restore your child’s smile. We offer high-quality porcelain crowns and CEREC same-day ceramic crowns.


Even with good at-home care, cavities are a common problem for school-age children between six and 12. Our practice offers tooth-colored composite fillings to repair your child’s teeth. Tooth-colored fillings contain no metal and are safe for children of all ages.

Fluoride Applications:

Fluoride can help strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent decay. In some cases, fluoride can even reverse the signs of early tooth decay. We offer fluoride varnish, foam, and gel applications as a part of your child’s preventive dental care.


Dental sealants are thin protective coatings that we offer to protect your child’s teeth against bacteria and decay. Our team can painlessly apply sealants in just one appointment. With proper care, your child’s sealants can last five to 10 years.

Emergency Dentistry:

If your child has suffered a dental emergency or injury, call our office right away. Our team offers same-day emergency appointments to help give your child the urgent care they need.

Phase 1 Orthodontics:

Our team offers Phase 1 orthodontic treatment for children with teeth or jaw alignment issues. Phase 1 Orthodontics is comprised of a variety of treatments to correct crooked, crowded or gapped teeth, jaw development issues, or issues speaking, breathing, or eating normally. Depending on your child’s needs, treatment can include braces, space maintainers, or oral appliances.

Jaw Expansion:

For children suffering from sleep apnea, our dentist can recommend jaw advancement surgery. The procedure involves moving the top and/or lower jaws forward to enlarge the throat and open the airway.

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See Real Patient Reviews
in Longview

Keri J.
dentist office google 5 star review in Longview, Washington
dentist office 5 star review in Longview, Washington

Keri J.

Dr. Haghighi is the best dentist that our family has ever had. If I could give him 10 stars I would. He is so kind, gentle, does great dentistry and is affordable. His staff is also wonderful to interact with. Our family highly trusts this dentist and would recommend him.
Sunei D.
dentist office google 5 star review in Longview, Washington
dentist office 5 star review in Longview, Washington

Sunei D.

I've been to many dentists and dental offices over the years and have never received such exemplary care. Dr. Haghighi and his staff are an incredible bunch!
Diane B.
dentist office google 5 star review in Longview, Washington
dentist office 5 star review in Longview, Washington

Diane B.

Dr. & staff were friendly, empathetic & knowledgeable. They offer affordable dental care for those w/o insurance. I left after my hygiene appointment very happy & assured that I received excellent care.
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