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in Longview, Washington

You can achieve a straighter, healthier, and more beautiful smile with Lower Columbia Oral Health. We offer orthodontics in Longview, Washington to adults and teens.

Orthodontics in Longview, Washington

Learn more about the many benefits of orthodontic treatment at Lower Columbia Oral Health. Depending on your treatment needs and goals, we can recommend clear aligner treatment with Invisalign, ClearCorrect, or our in-house clear aligners. We also offer Six Month Smiles to patients who want to correct mild orthodontic issues.

What Does Orthodontics Cost?

At Lower Columbia Oral Health, our team strives to make our services affordable and accessible to our Longview patients. We accept insurance and offer convenient financing options to help you get the high-quality care you and your family deserve.

Do I Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Straight teeth are the key to a healthy and beautiful smile. Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, misaligned jaws, overbites or underbites can lead to lifelong dental health problems. The long-term effects of orthodontic issues can include headaches, teeth grinding or clenching, headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, or difficulty eating or speaking confidently. Misaligned teeth are also more difficult to keep clean, even with great dental hygiene and at-home care, leading to an increased risk of gum disease and other concerns.

Unlike most orthodontists, Dr. Wise never extracts teeth prior to orthodontic treatment. Tooth extraction is no longer an accepted procedure, as it restricts the jaw and may increase the patient’s risk of developing sleep apnea later in life. Trained in Europe in the latest research-driven techniques, Dr. Wise recommends early childhood orthodontic treatment to avoid jaw surgery in the future.

Depending on your child’s needs, Dr. Wise may recommend orthodontic treatment as early as age five. This will help your child achieve optimal oral health without the need for invasive surgery.

Can I Straighten My Teeth without Metal Braces?

Yes, you can. If you want straighter teeth without the need for traditional braces, call Lower Columbia Oral Health today. Our team offers clear aligner treatment to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile without visible metal brackets or wires. Depending on your needs and treatment goals, our dentists may recommend:

  • Invisalign: Invisalign straightens your teeth using proprietary plastic aligners for the highest degree of quality results. Your aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth, gradually shifting them into the desired position over the course of your treatment. For teens, we recommend Invisalign Teen. These special aligners come with blue compliance indicators to ensure your child is wearing them as directed for the best results.
  • ClearCorrect: ClearCorrect aligners straighten your smile with a series of custom trays. You will receive a series of trays based on your specific care needs and the degree of correction required to reposition your bite. Our dentists recommend ClearCorrect for adults and teens.
  • In-House Clear Aligners: We offer our in-house clear aligners to patients who want an affordable alternative to Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Our aligner therapy offers the same results of name brand aligners without the price.

Dr. Wise plans Invisalign and other clear aligner therapy using highly sophisticated treatment planning software. This provides the highest degree of accuracy and precision compared to the results offered by other orthodontists across the planet.

Following the completion of your treatment, we also offer retainers. Retainers help you maintain your desired bite and keep your teeth straight. Be sure to wear your retainer as directed by our dentists.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

When the teeth within the visible area of your smile need to be straightened, Six Month Smiles is the most effective system of achieving the desired results. The clear braces focus on repositioning the teeth that can be seen when you smile. Your teeth are gently moved with low force. Low force movement allows the teeth to be moved faster than traditional braces. The shorter timespan also means increased comfort. Your visits to our office are less time-consuming than with traditional braces because Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits make adjustments simple.

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in Longview

Keri J.
dentist office google 5 star review in Longview, Washington
dentist office 5 star review in Longview, Washington

Keri J.

Dr. Haghighi is the best dentist that our family has ever had. If I could give him 10 stars I would. He is so kind, gentle, does great dentistry and is affordable. His staff is also wonderful to interact with. Our family highly trusts this dentist and would recommend him.
Sunei D.
dentist office google 5 star review in Longview, Washington
dentist office 5 star review in Longview, Washington

Sunei D.

I've been to many dentists and dental offices over the years and have never received such exemplary care. Dr. Haghighi and his staff are an incredible bunch!
Diane B.
dentist office google 5 star review in Longview, Washington
dentist office 5 star review in Longview, Washington

Diane B.

Dr. & staff were friendly, empathetic & knowledgeable. They offer affordable dental care for those w/o insurance. I left after my hygiene appointment very happy & assured that I received excellent care.
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