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Our Technology

Digital Cone Beam Longview, Washington

That is a technical term for a ct scanner. We employ a narrow field CT scanner machine for 3D imaging of the jaws, maxillary sinuses, and mid-face. This imaging is invaluable for a variety of diagnostic needs: dental implant planning, fabrication of dental implant surgical guides, location of cysts and other jaw pathology, exact locations of wisdom teeth relative to vital structures, pre-operative assessment of maxillary sinuses prior to bone grafting procedures, exact location of supernumerary teeth, and much more. Our CT scanner as of 2011 provides the lowest radiation dose per scan on the market. Since it scans the jaws and mid-face only, the radiation dose per scan is significantly lower than that of a film-based panorex X-ray and typically less than a modern digital chest X-ray. This equals an equivalent mean dose of about 2.4 days of natural background radiation from living in the United States.

We were one of the first offices in southwest Washington to incorporate digital radiographs into our practice. Due to our practice nature, we have been selected as a beta test site for new X-ray sensor technology as well. Digital radiographs offer numerous advantages to the patient when compared to film based radiographs. There is a very low radiation dose per exposure, more accurate imaging, instant imaging, and removal of caustic chemicals from the office environment.

Digital Radiographs in Longview, Washington

All of our dental handpieces (dental drills) are electric. This allows for exact modulation of drill speed and torque. This greatly assists in the conservative removal of tooth structure and exact preparation of crown and veneer margins. Just as important these handpieces are much quieter when compared to typical air driven dental drills.

We have several interactive software programs that offer detailed animations and photographs to better help explain hygiene, restorative, and surgical procedures. These programs are primarily used during our consultations or intra-procedurely to answer questions that may arise. We have computers in virtually every location of the office thus all programs are only a click away.

Interactive Educational Software in Longview, Washington

Intra-oral Videography and Still Photos

Typically we take numerous intra-oral photographs during initial exams, hygiene procedures, and treatment planning visits. These photographs better help patients to visualize small dental structures and tissue characteristics that would be difficult to discern with a mirror or natural vision. We often make intra-procedural photographs of cases for the benefit of the patient to follow along, documentation of dental disease for insurance companies, and for lecture presentation purposes.

Intra-oral Videography and Still Photos in Longview, Washington
Intra-oral Videography and Still Photos in Longview, Washington

All of our providers (dentists and hygienists) employ surgical telescopes to perform all hygiene, restorative, and surgical procedures. These telescopes magnify tiny structures many times to allow for exact management of hard and soft tissues. This is especially crucial in esthetic cases, adhesive dentistry, micro-dental surgeries, and endodontics (root canal procedures).

Magnification in Longview, Washington

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