Stop Living With an Incomplete Smile

A missing tooth impacts so much more than the aesthetic appeal of your smile. The longer a gap in your smile persists, the greater the long-term health effects, including bone loss in the jaws, misalignment of the remaining teeth and more. Dental implants can prevent all of these from happening through its unique, three-part structure:

  • The implant itself simulates the root of the tooth and keeps the foundation of your smile healthy.
  • The abutment seals the gums around the implant, protecting against infection from bacteria in the mouth.
  • The restoration is the part that functions like the crown of a tooth and can replace one or multiple teeth.

If you are ready to smile, speak and eat with confidence again, our dentist and team are ready to help you receive your own dental implant! Contact us before the end of the year to take advantage of our amazing $999 special! We are excited to help you take back your oral health.